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Algae to power the future?

One of the oldest life forms, algae, holds the highest potential for future energy generation. This third generation (3G) biofuel holds some major advantages over other biomass but it has not yet taken off as once expected. With increased focus and attention, innovative techniques… Continue Reading “Algae to power the future?”

Turning wood scraps into fuel – a way to overcome the struggles of first generation biofuels?

Biofuels produced from renewable energy sources have become a hot topic in the pursuit of finding a replacement for fossil fuels. This is motived due to the high dependency of fossil fuels in the transportation sector, which releases large amounts of greenhouse gases. After… Continue Reading “Turning wood scraps into fuel – a way to overcome the struggles of first generation biofuels?”

Sawdust is next wave in renewable energy

Sawdust is a tiny piece of wood that fall as powder from wood as it is cut by a saw. In other words, sawdust is basically a waste of small particles available in saw-milling industries, pulp plant and paper industries as well as wood… Continue Reading “Sawdust is next wave in renewable energy”

which biomass resource has the most potential?

Biogas production and use is one of many ways to tackle the ongoing climate crisis. Biogas can be produced in small farm-scale plants for own personal electricity use up to the scale of large plants who can produce up to 150GWh of energy. (Swedish… Continue Reading “which biomass resource has the most potential?”

USED COOKING OIL: FROM YOUR kitchen directly TO hitting up the road

All around the world, oil has been variously used for cooking purposes for centuries. Its major use, is as a medium for heat transfer when frying and of course as an additive for flavour and texture. There is a big variety of cooking oils… Continue Reading “USED COOKING OIL: FROM YOUR kitchen directly TO hitting up the road”

The devil’s lettuce as a fuel source?

In the quest of creating carbon-neutral societies and end our dependence on oil, many countries have started to look at biofuels derived from renewable biomass as an alternative to fossil fuels. A significant source of greenhouse gas emissions stemming from human activities is the… Continue Reading “The devil’s lettuce as a fuel source?”

The potential of Food waste as biomass for energy

Rising temperatures, melting glaciers, forest fires and devastating storms. To my belief, there is finally a consensus in developed countries to realize the threats of global warming. We know what happens, but what we should do to stop it is not so obvious. It… Continue Reading “The potential of Food waste as biomass for energy”

Burning industrial and municipal waste for heat

When talking about environmental problems and solutions there’s no single answer. It’s a complex, multifaceted problem and people on an individual level to global companies and nations have an effect on our environment. Biomass fuel can be a part of the solution to the… Continue Reading “Burning industrial and municipal waste for heat”


In this blog we will discuss some interesting aspects of microalgae, advantages and what barriers are necessary to cross in order to use these microorganisms as a sustainable energy source. Microalgae are unicellular microorganisms capable of photosynthesis. That is, they are capable of generating… Continue Reading “MICROALGAE VS DIESEL”

Backyard Biogas or: Putting the P(ee) in Power

Biomass can provide energy in a million different ways – some more advantageous than others. Locally produced biogas from sewage and farming waste is a biofuel that I see the largest potential in because it combines many advantages. Briefly put these are the short… Continue Reading “Backyard Biogas or: Putting the P(ee) in Power”